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5 Best Enlightening Web Design Events To Attend In 2020

Attending seminars and conferences is a great way to learn new things.

I’m sure you would have also attended a few in your life-journey.

What did you learn?

New web design ideas, online marketing strategies, or brand promotion tips?

To be frank, there are countless things you can grasp when you participate in educational events


You meet new people, pick their brain, and implement it carefully to obtain excellent results.

Not just this, sometimes if you are lucky, you also get the chance to attend workshops.


In total, if you get the opportunity to be part of some web design event, missing it would be a great loss to your intellect.

Considering its importance, we have decided to compile a list of creative conferences that are set to organize in different parts of the world.


So, let’s take things a bit slower and acquire knowledge about each, bit by bit!

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With that out of focus and web design event in the focus, let’s start the discussion.

Top 5 Conferences To Be Held In 2020

1. Awwwards Conference

This is the highest-attended digital design awards platform all around the world. Every year it organizes events and conferences in major cities of the world such as New York, Paris, Amsterdam, and London, among others. It discovers new and emerging trends, latest and advanced technologies, and the limits of the internet.


The main aim of Awwwards Conference Toronto is to bring web professionals from different parts of the world to one point and let them find inspiration for their next move. In short, they create a space for debate where different people can share their knowledge and experience and help each other to perfect their skills.

In 2020, Awwwards Conference has been planned to be organized in the month of July and it will continue for 3 days. Prestigious speakers and seasoned professionals will be part of the event and also educational workshops will be a bonus. Well, that’s not all since this year people will witness the launch of Dev Sessions which will be held during the conference. They are golden opportunities you must not miss since you can meet and exchange ideas with some really talented web developers on the site.


Its primary mission is to recognize and promote the talent of web designers, developers, and companies who create truly unique digital experiences for online users.

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2. Design Thinking 

Design Thinking 2020 event is focused on gathering practitioners, in and outside of the design department who have recognized it as the best tool to solve different problems.


By attending the Design Thinking program, as you run into particular issues, you will be able to get insightful ideas and experiences to delight your clients while distinguishing yourself from others.

Whether you work in experience design or innovation, this conference is designed to deliver you the right value instantly.


Just in case, you want to know how to attract your target audience with beautiful web design, we have got you covered. The dedicated design and marketing team at our Los Angeles web design company will listen to you first, create strategies then and after that come up with a perfect solution for you. This way we have helped hundreds of clients to get business of their potential customers and earn huge profits. If you also need some sort of professional help, reach out to us for custom web design, web development, website hosting, website modification, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and email marketing.

3. SmashingConf San Francisco

The good news about SmashingConf San Francisco 2020 is that you will spend two full days on-site to leverage front-end, UX and many more hot topics and discussions. Not only this, you will also get to explore live sessions associated with performance, accessibility, designing, debugging, copywriting and more. Although the event is targeted at web designers but professionals from other fields can also be present there and take full advantage from it.


Just so you know, conferences are not just scheduled for the event, but also full day workshops that could be a bit difficult to deal with. So, to be prepared at your best you can deep dive into the topic of your interest on the day before the conference, be it UX Design Patterns, CSS Layout or Accessibility. Even if you are skeptical about something that you heard or paid attention to, the day after the conference is all yours.

However, SmashingConf is focused on UX and front-end but it is the hub for everything web, whether you take interface design or ML (Machine Learning). That means if you become part of the conference you will get to learn various things for your work.


As per the recent information, SmashingConf SF (April 21-22) has been rescheduled for November 10-11, 2020.

Leaving that aside for a moment, if you are about to set up a startup and are searching for someone to get your professional website built, we recommend you trust us with your project. Each member of our web design and Wordpress developer team has a knack for creating impressive websites that are poised for high traffic and conversions. You can always speak to us if you need high-quality services such as eCommerce web design and development, website analysis and redesign, logo design, icon design, SEO, PPC, and the rest.


4. The Customer Validation Conference

This conference is set to conduct virtually on April 7-9, 2020.

This year’s event is much more interesting than before since you will get to learn a lot about product testing and customer engagement tips. To be expressive, you will have the opportunity to gather enough knowledge about pre-release customer testing strategies and figure out how instant product feedback can contribute to driving effective recommendations for your next release - and guess what, all this happens while supporting your agile methods.


Apart from this, you will also take a deep dive into how industry leaders are developing a customer-obsessed culture, enhancing product development, and incorporating their programs in continuous development. And most importantly, you will hear about some of the game-changing practices they have implemented in their organization.

5. The STAREAST Virtual Conference

Like the Customer Validation Conference, this conference will also be organized virtually on May 4-7, 2020. The STAREAST Virtual conference will stream live and its highlights will be some keynote presentations, selected technical presentations, and a few more than a couple of interviews with speakers, and other experts who will participate in the event. What’s nice about this conference is that it also offers the chance to chat during live sessions with attendees being present in the event. On top of that, you will have access to visit the virtual exhibition hall to look out a few recent demos and other offerings from the solution providers.


Closing Words For Web Design Events

Up until now, you have seen some of the best web design events of 2020 that are all set to organize in different cities of the world. If this list is not enough for you, come back to collect details about many more upcoming conferences in 2020. While going through the list, probably you noticed that these conferences are not only for web designers but professionals from other disciplines either. It’s about creating successful and gorgeous-looking websites and apps and these can’t be done just by designers; people from other sectors are needed as well.


At the end, we just want to say that if you want someone to build a business website for you or redesign it according to your taste, approach us. With our skillful designers and developers, you can easily achieve the goals that you have always wanted to do. SFWP Experts is the most reliable Wordpress website design company, who keeps its clients covered whether they need help with SEO-friendly web design and development, social media promotion, online marketing, conversion rate optimization, or search engine optimization.

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