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5 Web Design Trends That Are Hard To Let Go In 2020

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2019 has been a year of many launches and upgrades.

The designs that went stale have seen enhancement, features that became obsolete were changed, and navigation that users were tired of were positioned differently.


Not just this, even a handful of new web designs like mouse trails, blobs, brutalist pattern, and retro vibes captured a large portion of the web.

Don’t you think these were unexpectedly good?

Well, 2020 is going to be even better and mark my words you will be amazed by seeing the latest web design trends.


Now you might be thinking what so interesting is about to arrive this year, right?

To be clear, it’s not about anyone, two or three state-of-the-art but many.

Of course, we won’t make you wait any longer and take you to the compiled list of new web design trends the next moment.


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With that done, now we will turn to top web design trends of 2020 that are compelling us to look at.


5 Best Web Design Trends That Are Gaining Traction In 202

1. Websites Focused On Millennials

Sites targeted at Millenials are growing in numbers for over six months with the intent to capture a bigger audience group. And seeing its pace we can say that it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. There are more than single reasons for that which you must be aware of. First of all, millennials are becoming financially independent with the growing age, thus giving companies a reason to target them for future trades.


Secondly, a great number of manufacturers focus on young generation people, creating products to suit their specific needs. Finally, they are the most active crowd on the digital platform who are largely involved in chatting, tweeting, and sharing useful stuff.

Therefore, it is pretty common to see websites having a touch of youthful aesthetics spread out here, there, and almost everywhere on the web. To keep up with this trend what you can do is mix and match unique interface elements like mouse cursors, layouts,.....etc., to obtain excellent results. And, don’t be afraid of including juvenile-like details in your design since it can spice up the mood of visitors.


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2. Animation All-Around

As you remember well, 2019 has witnessed many obvious changes, and micro-interactions were also there. To put it simply, the user interface consisted of several dynamic elements - big, small, fast, slow, and much as such. Some of them change the usual style of the interface, the others sink well with ordinary UI elements. This widely popular trend isn’t going to be out of exploitation anytime soon.


What’s nice to know about this trend is that the general tendency of web developers and visitors show they are ready to shift from static to dynamic interfaces. A whole host of new additions like micro-interactions, transitions, dynamic effects with animation, and changing backgrounds are favorable for viewers. That clearly means people like actions.

Moreover, people like to interact with websites by being an active participant in the user experience, instead of, just sitting idle playing the general role of subconscious viewers. So, be ready to incorporate dynamic elements in your next project since that’s going to be a web design trend of 2020 along with an interactive interface and intuitive layout.


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3. Cyberpunk And Futuristic Designs

In the coming days, everything that hints of a distant future with robot domination and technological obsession will be in high demand. Therefore, you can assume that the future of web design is going to be all about the combined utilization of cyberpunk, dynamic designs, and high-tech elements.


This trend hasn’t come to notice all of a sudden since it is inspired by 2019 web design trends, especially cyberpunk that grew in popularity rather quickly last year. Take note that, while in the previous year, canvas experiments, and futuristic solutions were inspired by retro design elements like duotone, glitch, and neon, it is expected to get into a different direction in 2020. Although viewing some older design elements integrated into the new one will undoubtedly be exciting, it is pretty sure that the final design will be eye catchy since nostalgia is everyone’s favorite.

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4. Asymmetric Layouts

Today most websites running online are grid-based. What can I say about a grid is that it is made up of imaginary lines that are tasked to keep layout elements on the page in order. The website administrators who want to present their site as unique are likely to implement a broken grid technique and place distinctive design elements unevenly on the page. With this technique, websites start looking more creative so we will be seeing it as a top web design trend in 2020.


Watch how Dada-Data website has used a broken grid layout to draw in more eyes:

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5. Background Video

Who doesn’t like moving objects and images captured in a virtual medium? Yes, we are pointing out none other than moving visuals that we see on different websites. Most visitors like to see such videos on sites that arrest them into the experience for some moment. It has been growing popular in the past few years. Nowadays these videos are being used in the background of pages to engage customers for a longer time period. Animations look way better than static backgrounds and help in bringing your site to live. What’s more, it compels your visitors to spend more time on your site and explore your offerings.


To bring an example to your notice, the background video on The Hidden Worlds of the National parks website looks amazing. Isn’t it?

Final Thoughts On 2020 Web Design Trends

As they say, trim your sails to the wind, you should definitely learn to adapt to available circumstances. Even though trends come and go, it is not a wise decision to ignore them completely. If you want to make a good impression on your audience, you need to show them how well you are familiar with the latest web design trends and you know how to apply new changes in the right way. Have in mind, trends are like friends, the more you get close to them, the better the engagement you get. They tell you exactly what you need to do to allow your website or mobile application to grab more attention.


If you also want your website to catch serious attention from people, we highly recommend implementing newer web design trends. If you are not good with technical skills or artistic skills, we can help you eliminate that need easily. Within a span of eight to ten years, we have collected heavy experience in the web design and development field and are still continuing. To be clear, you can approach our Wordpress website design company, SFWP Experts for a variety of services that are focused on improving your users’ engagement and thus, conversions like minimalist web design, web development, website analysis and modification, UI and UX design, PPC, SEO, and internet marketing.

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