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How To Boost Your WooCommerce Sales With Iconic Sales Booster

In this blog post, we will review a WooCommerce plugin named Iconic Sales Booster. It is a popular plugin in the e-store industry that claims to grow your sales to a great height.

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With that covered, now it’s time to get into the main subject of this blog post: what is Iconic Sales Booster and how it grows your sales.


If you would have ever purchased physical products from an eCommerce store, you may have noticed how eager they seem to sell you additional items. They show you various inventories listed under matching products, best seller, and most popular among customers. Sometimes you add them to your cart and sometimes don’t. No wonder these are their clever tricks to pull out more money from your pockets. And I’ll also say there is no harm in that if you like their offerings.


Today we are going to discuss a plugin that lets you do exactly that but in a more easy way.

So, let’s see what is Iconic Sales Booster and how it boosts your sales.

What Is Iconic Sales Booster And What Are Its Features

As I said earlier, Iconic Sales Booster is just like any other plugin in the WordPress repository that is solely focused on increasing your sales.


To boost your WooCommerce sales, this plugin allows you to create and implement four types of offers:

1. Frequently Bought Together

This is a category of products where several items are listed that are usually purchased by customers with other products. When customers visit a specific product page on your WooCommerce site, you can show them extra products listed in the above category, so that they can buy more items from your site. What’s good is that this plugin offers easy options to your customers to add additional products at the same time without reloading the site.


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2. Customers Also Bought

Items of this category displays just when a customer has added any product to their cart. Taglines like “Customer Also Bought” compel customers to check out your products right away and buy if they like.


3. Order Bump

This is just another way to entice customers to purchase more from your site. This feature works as a method to advertise your other offers on the checkout page. When customers finalize a product and go ahead to order it, a special offer displays on their checkout screen that they can easily add to their cart. This results in more sales, more revenue, and quick company growth.


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4. After Checkout Cross Sell

Next feature on this list is all about insisting customers buy products when they have finally clicked on the order button. Using this feature, you can give your customers another opportunity to add additional products after they have pressed the order button. The good news is they can add extra products to their cart just by performing a single click instead of going through the checkout process again. It provides such a smooth experience to buy more products that you can’t believe.


So these are the features of Iconic Sales Booster that you can leverage to boost your sales. What’s more, you can also customize the design of these offers based on your customer’s interest or your liking. As far as after checkout cross-sells goes, you can also provide special discounts on your products to encourage more sales.

With this complete, let’s see the usage expenses of Iconic Sales Booster Plugin.

What Is The Cost of Using Iconic Sales Booster Plugin

To say, Iconic Sales Booster offers different plans for different needs of users. I’ll give a glimpse of all the plans in a moment. Prior to that I want you to be informed that this plugin offers user-friendly promises that encourages everyone to install and activate it.


Note that it provides you the options to purchase the usage license for one year or lifetime. If you choose a one year plan you will be provided with support and updates for one year, and if you choose a lifetime plan you will be provided with support and updates for lifetime.

Let’s look at the price tags this WooCommerce plugin comes with:

  • For use on 1 site – $129 a year or $389 for lifetime
  • For use on 3 sites – $259 a year or $779 for lifetime
  • For use on 30 sites – $649 a year or $1,949 for lifetime

What’s the most interesting offering by Iconic Sales Booster plugin is a 14-day free trial and 30-day money back guarantee. If this is what you are looking for, you should unhesitatingly buy the license of this WooCommerce plugin.


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The Endnote On Iconic Sales Booster

I have no doubt bringing this fact to light that Iconic Sales Booster is a promising WooCommerce plugin that delivers what it says. It provides you with a bunch of tried and tested techniques to boost your sales that are already working for giant eCommerce brands. What I really like about this plugin so far is that it provides you impressive designs for all the offers discussed above and also integrates with your theme quite easily. And since they are providing a free trial for 14 days I don’t think you should have a problem in trying it out once. Just check if it really drives sales to your WooCommerce site and if it doesn’t, simply replace it then.


Do you have any questions about the Iconic Sales Booster plugin? Let us know in the comments below so that we can find it out easily and provide you an instant answer. One last thing I want you to remember is that our one stop Wordpress website design company offers a plethora of professional services to businesses around the world such as eCommerce web design and development, homepage design and development, online marketing, social media marketing, and much much more. If you need any of them or something similar, connect with SFWP Experts without having a second thought.

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