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Top 10 Web Design Principles To Increase Your Conversions

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In the recent past, digital marketing has revolutionized the practice of acquiring customers online.


And websites are playing a key role in achieving this goal.

But do you now apart from offering a free trial of your product, the design of your website also affects the conversion rate.


The better your web design, the higher the conversion rate.

When people come to your site, they look for products or information they want, but how you render it before them is also an important consideration.


It determines how they will respond to your offerings or you can say CTA (Call To Action).

Some website administrators offer visitors one choice, others offer two or more.

However, one thing you must pay attention to is visitors will take less time to respond when they have fewer options to choose from.


If they get more, they might delay in making a decision, and then your conversion rate might take a hit.

In this article, we have compiled a list of basic web design principles and tips that will help you in achieving a high conversion rate.


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Switching focus to the heart of the content - 10 best web design principles that will increase your conversion rate.


Basic Web Design Principles That Increases Conversion Rates

1. Make Your Website Fully Responsive


The share of mobile traffic is growing worldwide and creating urgency for website administrators to make their site mobile-friendly. As per the research, most users don’t like to interact with a brand if they are not able to perform certain tasks through a mobile device. Therefore, it is necessary to design your site in such a way that it renders well on mobile devices, and visitors could get excellent user experience.

2. Implement Hick’s Law (Give Fewer Choices To Visitors)

According to Hick’s law, offering fewer choices to people increases their speed of making decisions and vice versa. To put it simply, fewer choices a person gets, faster the decision he makes. As mentioned earlier, if you use three calls to action in one swoop on the home page (such as register on the site, get a discount, download an e-book) it will not be easy for users to decide what to do first.


At that point, what you can do is arrange these call to actions in a sequence and then display it on your site. This way users can execute each task one after another.

The same goes for the number of items that show up on your page. You should not offer users all possible products based on their search - it’s better to show them the five most suitable options and allow them to continue their search if they want more.


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3. Add A Fullscreen Form To Your Site

Give serious consideration to the idea of showing a full-screen lead form just when users scrolled the main page to a certain point. What will happen? Firstly, the full-screen form will grab the user’s attention and won’t allow them to get distracted by other elements on the site. Secondly, it’s just a possibility of a choice that you can give serious thought or even apply.


If done correctly, the users will get only two options. Either they will close the lead form and carry out the interaction with the site or they will provide their email address and other details that are needed.

4. Put Most Important Information On The Intersections


You might be familiar with one of the main rules of photography, The Rule of Thirds. In this rule, two lines divide the screen horizontally and vertically translating into nine squares. And the points where all lines intersect in the center of the screen is the place that draws the user’s attention instantly. This is the reason you should place your call to action in the center of the screen.

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5. Speed Up Your Website

Believe it or not, your website loading speed is correlated with your web design. It’s because your web page may be overloaded with heavy images and that could affect the loading speed of your website. One thing you can do to speed up your website is to remove unnecessary things from your site and then optimize the images you want to use.


According to statistics, the best website loading speed is between two and five seconds. And in order to increase your conversion rate, you must strive to reduce the loading speed of your site to two seconds. It’s because 40% of users say they will leave a website if it doesn’t load within three seconds. This means you will lose many potential leads when your site slows down.

6. Utilize Negative Space For Great Results

Just to let you know, both distance and attention are connected with each other. A greater distance attracts attention and the absence of different elements on a page distinguishes the existing elements. Webmasters can properly utilize this space to highlight some of the important elements.


Adding space to a specific part of the content makes users focus on that area since there is nothing more on the page to draw their attention.

Google supports the use of white space on websites as it helps users to easily read and understand the information.


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7. Use Right Colors To Connect With Your Audience

Unfortunately, there is no such universal recommendation about which color helps to get higher conversions. Everything depends on the industry of your business. For instance, white and blue colors are considered to evoke a feeling of stability and reliability. Therefore PayPal uses this combination to better associate with its prospects and customers.


If you are not sure whether your colors are serving the purpose, have a look at the origins of color psychology in marketing. Analyze the values of your company then and choose one that suits your website perfectly.

Apart from this, many people have different opinions about the color of buttons that determine the conversion rate. What should be the correct color of the buttons is an old question that’s yet to be satisfactorily answered. Some believe that the highest conversion is achieved by using red-colored buttons on the web pages. Others find green or blue the most appropriate.


However, the correct answer to the question is “It needs to be tested.” Therefore what you should do to find the best color for your website is choose one that will contrast with other colors in your design and perform A/B tests to come to a conclusion which color converts better.

8. Use A Single Large Image Instead Of Many Small Ones

An image represents the collective thoughts. The power of visual perception and emotion is very strong and you must consider that So, use more powerful images in your web design that demands attention.


For instance, you can use one image in the background of your site and then place all other elements in such a way that they sink well with the basic rules of web design. And just so you know it helps in increasing the conversion rate.

One more thing you must know about this approach is that it promotes simplicity and minimalism which is currently trending all over the web. An image that’s selected with the right approach tends to evoke the necessary emotions in viewers and vice versa.


Displaying too many images on your site that hardly aligns with your goal scatters the user’s attention and could make the process of decision making more complicated.

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9. Remove Everything That Doesn’t Add To Your Design

Simply put, strive to design your website with maximum simplicity. Since modern web designs feature a lot of information to draw in more eyeballs, simplicity and clarity have become a real shortage. Studies show that 76% of users treat simplicity as the main deciding factor to reach a decision - whether they want to interact with a website or not. However, you need to take note that functionality, simplicity, and minimalism in your web design should be well-balanced since simplicity also means that users should be able to find what they are looking for in a few clicks.


10. Use Faces With A Slew of Genuine Reviews

Unfortunately, the internet is the home to plenty of fake reviews and have no doubt that your users are also familiar with this. For this reason, it’s important for you to publish top-rated reviews right on your website instead of forcing them to search it (that could have been crafted by your competitors to manipulate your potential customers) on different platforms.


Considering this, you must design your site in such a way that it has some space for real reviews below the fold or at the bottom of the page. Also, make sure to use photos of your customers with their reviews to make a great impression and lure your prospects.

Coming To A Conclusion

So there you have it - what to do to increase your conversion rate. All of the tricks discussed in this article have been tried and tested. However, the most important thing you should keep in mind that any new approach you want to go to design your site should be tested before implementation. For each business, there is a separate audience group so there can be no template instructions on what to add to your design that will boost your conversion rate. Moreover, you must think that the design of your website is just one factor that affects conversions and still you have many areas to focus on.


Now that you know what areas you need to work on, you might need professional help if you run into errors while applying the changes. At that point, you can easily get ahold of us and we will definitely help you out. SFWPExperts is the best Wordpress developer team that offers a number of business-focused services to clients across the globe - cutting edge web design and development, website redesign and maintenance, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and more.

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